Stained Glass Classes that are available

Stained Glass classes:  January, February, March, April and May 2024 classes available are:  Sundays 10 – 12:30 studio space and for new students next class will start Jan 14th 2024. Class is almost filled. 12/23/23., Tuesday and Friday Morning 9 – 11:30 and Monday  nights  6 – 8:30pm are studio space only.  If interested please call 078-297-7102 or email: [email protected].

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These are some examples:  Look under what students have completed for other examples.

No prerequisite:   This is for all beginners:

Requirements: You will need a pair of Safety glasses. You can bring a pair or purchase a pair here for $4.00 + sales tax.   NO OPEN TOE SHOES!

Class length depends on you. Each session runs for two and half hours. Each Session cost $40.00. All supplies and tools are included (except for glass).

This is for the person who wants to learn how to do stained glass and be able to do it at home or continue to use our studio for further projects.   In this class you have several patterns to choose from and they are 8, 10 or 15 pcs. You will learn how to cut glass using several different cutters, finding the right one for you.   You will trace your pattern using a light box and cut out the design using special pattern scissors. You will be taught how to use a glass grinder. This will help you smooth and shape your piece to fit into your design. You will be showed how to foil your pieces. You will learn how to solder your pieces together and if desired you can patina your finished piece.   You will frame your piece with cane and attach hangers and chain. Lastly, you will clean and polish your piece.   This class varies as to how long it will take.   Each pattern is different so I let people go at their own pace. Therefore, you get the proper explanation and time to work on certain difficulties that you may have.

Each lesson (weather it’s in the morning, afternoon or evening) is two and half hours. Each time you come the fee is $40.00. All , materials and tools are included except for a pair of safety glasses which you can bring or purchase here and your glass which is $20.00 to make your first pc.  Your first class requires to put a deposit for your last two classes (this is non refundable).   So 1st class you pay the deposit  2 classes @ $40.00 each = $80.00 + glass = $20 + your 1st class = $40.00 = $140.00 for the 1st class and then every week thereafter you pay $40.00.  And your last two classes you don’t pay.

If for some reason you stop coming or can’t return you will lose your deposit for your last two classes.  If you start and then stop and Toy Town Stained Glass doesn’t hear from you for 30 or more days you will forfeit you project and deposit and these items will become the property of  Toy Town Stained Glass._

The average person has taken 8 or 9 weeks in completing their project, attending one session per week.   Please note some have completed their product as early as 5 weeks and others have taken 13 weeks.