Stained Glass Supplies

Stained Glass Supplies Are Now Available!

Also look under the retail store tab;  up dated 3/22/20.

If you’re located in northern Worcester County or southern New Hampshire, you don’t have to drive very far to find stained and fusing glass supplies. We have a huge selection of glass, tools including grinders and cutters; complete kits, frames and more. Feel free to stop in and see our selection!  If you don’t see it ask,  if we don’t have it, we can get it within a few days.

frit fusing 015                             stained glass store 008

need frit   we sell by the ounce                                                                           stained and fusing glass and we have another floor with glass.   We have scrap glass as well.

stained glass store 020


stained-fusing class pictures 011                               stained-fusing class pictures 013 stained-fusing class pictures 015                               stained-fusing class pictures 016 stained-fusing class pictures 018                               stained-fusing class pictures 020


stained glass store 031                                                stained glass store 029

Copper Foil, soldering irons & copper foil sheets                                                   Grinder bits all sizes

stained glass store 028                Cutter Toyo, fletcher, Gemini saw 2 & 3 blades              stained glass store 027

Need grinder bits?

stained glass store 024                                        stained glass store 023

Need lamp supplies                                                                                                              more lamp supplies

stained glass store 022           books                           stained glass store 020

fusing and stained glass                                                                                          Beautiful glass

stained glass store 017                                            stained glass store 016

add ons,  back splashes etc                                                                                         breakers, pliers, foiling tools, shears, copper foil etc

stained glass store 015                  foil                           stained glass store 014

Foil,  copper, silver, black back etc                                                                                flux, patina, kwik-clean, cutting oil and tools

stained glass store 013                                                   stained glass store 012

foot pedals, straight cutters, safety glasses, fids, horse nails, putty                   foiling machine, soldering holders, bevel kits

stained glass store 011                                                   stained glass store 010

Bevels                                                                                                                                             grinders, shields, full size patterns

stained glass store 008                                                    stained glass store 007

Stained Glass                                                                                                                                  Fusing Glass two floors of glass.

stained glass pictures for store 017                                          stained glass pictures for store 018


Nuggets                                                                                                                                         Glass


finish pcs and supplies 020                                        finish pcs and supplies 019

Stained Glass                                                                                                                             Stands to hold your art piece

finish pcs and supplies 018

finish pcs and supplies 016                                            finish pcs and supplies 015

Bevels                                                                                                                                                  solder

finish pcs and supplies 014                                            finish pcs and supplies 013

Dichroic Glass ’90                                                                                                                   grinder bits

finish pcs and supplies 012                                            finish pcs and supplies 011

Glass cutters, copper tin wire, markers and chain                                                      Dichroic glass ’96


finish pcs and supplies 007                                            finish pcs and supplies 003

Copper foil, Soldering irons, stands and accessories

Bevel pieces, chain, hooks and books.                                                                        Grinder, saw and kiln


gift shop and finish goods 039                                           gift shop and finish goods 038

breakers, squares, rulers, fids and copper foil                                                       hand tools and chemicals Patina, flux, flux cleaner and

polish.   Grinder coolant.

gift shop and finish goods 037

Soldering iron stands, tool caddy, foiler machine

mosaic supplies


gift shop and finish goods 035                                       gift shop and finish goods 034

Stained glass and more                                                                                                         Frit powder Bullseye ’90


gift shop and finish goods 033

Large sheets of glass (we can cut to any size).