Stained and Fused Glass pieces for sale or learn how to make them by taking a class


Custom made.  Phone for details:

                        backsplash 006

backsplash 004                         backsplash 007 backsplash 008                         backsplash 009 backsplash 010                         backsplash 011backsplash 012 

Stained Glass classes

Sailboat                                   Toy Town Open House 055

Stained Glass Panels                                                                                      Stained Glass Panels using the copper foil method


Toy Town Open House 056                           Toy Town Open House 057


Stained Glass                                                                                                               Stained Glass


stained glass panel 011                     stained glass panel 012

Stained Glass Vases   (Dry vase only)                                                         Panel stained glass

stained glass panel 013                    stained glass ornamnets, bowls, vases and sushi dishes 010

Etched glass framed                                                                                        Angel


stained glass ornamnets, bowls, vases and sushi dishes 022

Lightbulbs  Copper foiled


Toy Town Open House 051                     stained glass panel 007

copper foiled stained glass                                                                           copper foiled stained glass


stained glass panel 010               frit fusing 019

stained glass copper foil panel                                                              square plate platter fused 2 pcs of glass


stained glass panel 009       frit fusing 021

stained glass copper foiled                                                  fused   platter mold 2 pcs of glass

frit fusing 013     frit fusing 012

Sushi plate   2 pcs   of glass                                                       Sushi plate 2 pcs of glass

frit fusing 004        frit fusing 006

Silhouette picture create by using COE 90 Frit                          Interchangeable Bracelet

(glass powders).

frit fusing 002      Wedding Transfers-3

used glass powders                                                                       All glass  -  Use transfers to create this beautiful picture

TransferFrames (1 of 1)-3                        TransferFrames (1 of 1)-2

Capture the moment                                                                                          create a beautiful wedding/anniversary gift

Wedding Transfers-2                         stained-fusing class pictures 028

Have old receipts    Save them    and then make                                    Dichroic Jewelry

platters with receipt on them.


Pictures for open house 2015 003                      Pictures for open house 2015 004

we have new stands to display your art pieces                                   Sushi plates, texture molds, platters are all display

Pictures for open house 2015 005                                   Pictures for open house 2015 006







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