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Are you a stained or fusing glass enthusiast looking for quality supplies? Toy Town Stained Glass now sells glass, cutters, grinders, chains, kits and just about anything you need for your projects. We now have fusing supplies and glass.

OUR Kiln Area has grown over the year  UPDATED Pictures:

updated store pictures 004

stained glass store 003

The new kiln has arrived. (The BEAST).

stained glass store 002

stained glass store 004

my measurements are 62 x 32 x 18″ deep.

The molds we have available:


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updated store pictures 038    updated store pictures 037 

Stained Glass Sheets (I can cut most glass to what you want)  There are some exceptions.

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updated store pictures 028 

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SPECTRUM ’96 Limited Edition & Bullseye ’90        Stained glass, Spectrum, Kokomo,                                                                                                                                          Youghiogheny,      Uroboros,   Armstrong,

Van Gogh & Bullseye.


updated store pictures 027    updated store pictures 013

FUll Line of Spectrum ’96 Fusible Glass       90 & 96  Dichroic Glass CBS, austin etc.

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96 CBS Dichric Glass

We have frit in both Spectrum and Bullseye we can sell by the ounce:

Frit, powder, fine, medium and corse

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Large sheets of texture glass, Bullseye ’90

fusible glass,  Iridescent stained glass etc

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WE have starter kits available:


updated store pictures 026   updated store pictures 025

Morton System

updated store pictures 024 updated store pictures 023

updated store pictures 022 updated store pictures 021

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Kaleidoscope Kits            Bevels    stands for display

updated store pictures 020

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Mosiac Supplies                                                                              Fusing Supplies

updated store pictures 017

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Patinas, Kwik Clean, Flux, cutting oil etc     Breakers, Straight edge, groziers etc

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foil,  silver, copper and black back etc

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soldering irons, stands, tips etc

updated store pictures 014

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Suncatchers kits,                     glass cutters, tips, E6000, chain, holders etc

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grinder bits



stained glass store 010

Grinder’s, shields, foot pedals and several patterns.



updated store pictures 021

stained glass store 011

Need Bevels





stained glass store 012

Bevel Clusters, foiling tools, soldering irons, soldering holders, mosaic supplies,  Cement and colorants, horseshoe nails, fids and strip cutters

stained glass store 013

safety glasses, glass cutters and putty and cement for lead work.

stained glass store 014

pliers, nippers, vise grips, kwik clean, glass cutting oil, patina, flux, well bond and coolant.

stained glass store 015

need foil? Copper, black, silver or scalloped. We have several sizes and manufactures.

stained glass store 016

Running pliers, breaker/grozer pliers, wheeled glass nippers and foil and lead shears.

stained glass store 017

Morton system. Add-ons, Waffle grid, Splash guards and safety shields.


updated store pictures 031     updated store pictures 030

Poppy fused window       used bullseye 90 glass                Lattace cover with leaves, flowers, birds and

butterfly created by Debbie Paquin


updated store pictures 029SOLD

Fused deer panel


stained glass store 018

Lightbulb ornaments and coasters. Purchase or take a class

stained glass store 019

Design by Joe Bird ornaments. They are for sale or we can teach you how to make them.

stained glass store 020

SOLD Uroboros Season Collage (Spring). Collage glass is created by hand, sheet by sheet during the production process, using very heavy layers of fracture glass components. Its beauty is unparalleled for representational and contemporary designs.

stained glass store 021

System ’96 fusers reserve glass. limited edition

stained glass store 022

books both fusible and stained glass so much more

stained glass store 023

lamp supplies

stained glass store 024

more lamp supplies

stained glass store 030

Dichroic glass. We have several different pieces used for our jewelry glasses. We offer several classes in jewelry.

stained glass store 032

Our fusing work station. 4 x 16 work bench. Lots of room for several people. We also have the ultimate cutter’s mate. This area is nice and bright and large. Join us for one of the several classes we offer.

stained glass store 034

more magnetics

stained glass store 035

tiles available in several colors for your mosiac items

stained glass store 036

Our stained glass windows for sale

stained-fusing class pictures 020

Van Gogh Glass  Just beautiful

Frit we sell by the ounce

Taurus ring saw

mary picture and taurus saw 005 mary picture and taurus saw 006

Power Max Grinders, Glastar and Inland all are available;

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Morton Portable Glass Shop (Kits available)

Starter kits available










Toy Town Stained Glass, 36 Monomonac Road W., Winchendon, MA 01475 978.297.7102