Pharmacy website published the most ridiculous misconceptions about Levitra

Our pharmacy website collected the most stupid misconceptions about sex and sexual intercourse in principle. Some young people did not even know how conception takes place before undergoing a special course in sexual education.

“I had to explain that you don’t have to pee in a girl to get pregnant,” said one Reddit user of online drugstore who worked as a sex teacher.

His colleague said that he once talked to tenth graders, who were sure that it was possible to get pregnant after sex with Cialis. Levitra from can be taken regardless of the meal. But it is necessary to do this at least half an hour before sex, and after proper stimulation, you’ll definitely get an expected erection.

The child asked another teacher of sexual education, whether it was true that lesbian sperm was stored in the elbows. Among the popular misconceptions is that it is impossible to get pregnant if the girl is on top during intercourse.

Also, some young people believed that women experience orgasm during menstruation. Others thought that a condom could be replaced with a douching drink after sex.

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